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Publishing Manager


Location: Remote
Employment Type: Full-time

What You'll Do

At Kids Games LLC, we're dedicated to crafting diverse and innovative mobile games for all ages. Joining us as a Publishing Manager, you'll play a crucial role in bringing these games to the forefront of the industry. Your responsibilities will encompass:

  • Identifying and securing promising mobile game projects,

  • Leading teams through the development and launch phases,

  • Strategizing for successful market entry and sustained performance.

    This position offers a unique opportunity to collaborate with both developers and marketers, driving the success of our engaging game portfolio.

Who You Are

We're on the hunt for an ambitious and creative Publishing Manager with a deep passion for mobile gaming and player engagement. Your ideal profile includes:

  • Strong communication skills for effective community engagement,

  • Expertise in scouting and nurturing mobile game projects for successful publishing and launch,

  • A strategic approach to leading development teams, ensuring timely progress and market readiness.

    Eager to shape the future of mobile gaming with a top publisher? Join us in delivering unforgettable gaming experiences. Let's hear from you!

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